Iceberg at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

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First light in the Canyon was extremely cold, but such a beautiful site to see.

Emily Katz

Mmm yes

William Eggleston, Untitled, (1972, printed 1980)

I’m going to miss driving around late at night, getting Wendy’s by myself, and turning the porch light off when I get home to let my parents know I’m in for the night. I’m going to miss finding my dad asleep on the couch with the tv on. I’m going to miss my dog waking up when I come downstairs in the middle of the night for a snack. I’m going to miss having my grandma over for dinner and the way she asks for tartar sauce no matter what kind of fish we’re having. I’m going to miss falling asleep with my bedroom light on and my parents turning it off for me. I’m going to miss living less than a block from the town library. I’m going to miss raiding my mom’s bathroom for q-tips. I’m going to miss escaping to the basement on hot days for air conditioning. I’m going to miss going shopping with my mom and waiting for her to browse through every possible sale item. I’m going to miss walking to the train and taking it into the city. I’m going to miss looking at cars as they drive by and wondering if I know the person driving. I’m going to miss having my dad working 5 minutes away. I’m going to miss my mom asking me if I want to come to yoga with her every week even though I decline every time. I’m going to miss eating dinner with my family every night. I’m going to miss home.


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